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Don Fernando had a passion for distilling the perfect tequila and paid special attention to every single detail from the estate grown blue agave fully grown up to 12 years to the type of oven and oak used where Don Fernando Tequila is aged is looked at with special care.


When harvesting "El Jimador", named because of the long knife called jima, cuts all the pencas (sharp agave's leaves). He takes the piñas or core out of the ground which can weight up to 200 pounds. It is from the this mature agave that we obtain the sweetest honeys and is the beginnings of a premium tequila.


Don Fernando Tequila uses masonry ovens to cook the agaves for up to 48 hours. During the cooking process the agaves deliver a sweet aroma that captures your senses. When fully cooked the juice is called "mosto" it is this juice that will be patiently transformed into tequila. After the agaves have cooled down the agaves are chopped up and pressed to separate all the juice from the fiber.


The juice is then transferred to the fermenting tanks. It is here where Don Fernando Tequila uses it's Family secret formula to obtain it's unique flavor. The yeast that transforms the sugars to alcohol is 100% all natural with no chemical accelerators which can speed up the fermentation. After 72 hours the yeast transforms the "mosto vivo" into "mosto muerto" which means the sugar has been transformed into alcohol.


Don Fernando Tequila is then distilled in copper stills to take away "cabezas" and "colas" to obtain a crystal clear agave tequila. Don Fernando always believed in a double, not triple, distilled, for a true 100% blue agave tequila. This way you are able to maintain the unique flavors that compose the tequila.


A good tequila is one that possesses the perfect balance between the flavors of the agave and the flavors of the oak. Don Fernando is kept in limousine French oak for 24 months until it is delievered to you our customer. The estate is located in the volcanic highland of Amatitan in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.




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